Progress In My Dreams


My anxiety dreams are getting – at least on this one occasion – less anxious. A sign of an improved mental state?

As the dream began, I am sitting on Milton when they give the first call for my class. This was unusual for two reasons. First, I was riding. Second, we had plenty of time.

I remove the long, wide, green swath of material that is draped alongside my real reins. No idea what discipline this was, but Ye Olde Medievale ren faire costume rein was not called for.

As I do this, it is pointed out that I do not have my number. (Perhaps I should blame hellomylivia?) Next thing I know, I’m off the horse, in my shirt sleeves and socks, tearing around the barn area looking for my belt, my boots, my number, and my jacket.

The missing jacket, that I had been wearing a moment ago, was a pale tan wool reminiscent of my very first show jacket. It was not a riding jacket. It was a dress jacket that I pulled out of my closet for my first event. I wore it with brown britches & black rubber boots. I looked like a total dork. No idea what brought that to mind.

Standard anxiety dream scramble. However, things started to go right.

Find belt.

Still no boots.

Someone hands me my number.

Boots are now on my feet.

As I wake up, I realize that my jacket had gotten removed when I took off the blanket that had been wrapped around me (?). It is right over there under the wadded-up blanket.

My class hadn’t started yet. I had all my gear. Horse was nearby & tacked up. Anxiety dreams usually don’t end that well for me.

As I’ve said before, why can’t we have happy, perky dreams riding magical unicorns through forests of mint-scented rainbows? Or other activity equally impossible IRL. Let’s say, riding my horse on the moon, to pick an example at random.* Yes, that’s what I want.

Dear Morpheus,

Please send me a happy, perky dream about riding in The Event at Tranquility Base.

Yours in dreamland,

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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*July, not June. I am a month early. Well, still like the idea for a dream.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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