The Road Leads to the Kentucky Horse Park

Adventures in Saddle Seat


Stepping Stone Farm rider Reagan Upton rode in the Saddle Seat World Cup, July 4-6, Lexington, KY. I went to cheer.

Spotted and her stunt double watch dressage & hunters. KHP is large enough to hold four completely separate horse shows at the same time.

Stalking #TeamLia. Yellow is a Hafliger thing. Winners get to chose their prize.
Haflinger Adventure: Personalities And Preparation
American Hafliger Registry National Sport Horse Show

Spotted meets a distant relative at the Breeds Barn. Distant relative is not amused. In the Parade of Breeds, all riders had helmets regardless of costume. Yay! Parade photos not included due to being exceedingly average.

Hall of Champions. Go for Gin is ready for his close up. Even the brushes are tidy at KHP.

“The park is comprised of many urban, impervious surfaces such as parking lots, sidewalks, roads, and building roofs…. but it is also visited by 18,000 horses annually and is home to a great many horses … These animals annually produce 30,000 cubic yards of muck, a combination of manure and bedding, which is a water pollutant … By generating this volume of muck on mostly impervious surfaces, protecting water quality at the park becomes a major challenge.” Green KHP

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