Milton Doesn’t Do It All At Once

Driving Thursday

Horses can ride and drive on the same day. Saddlebreds do so all the time.


We are not currently asking Milton to multi-task. We tried it over the holidays. It did not go well.

It was the day Milton walked about with me leaning on one stirrup [I Ride]. He was a star. We gave him a break, hitched up, and tried to to school some driving. He was a pill. He wouldn’t go in the ring (in his defense, it is a steep hill). Once in the ring, he revisited getting silly at the end of the ring [On the Move]. He whined and fussed the entire time. He’s had worse individual moments, but this was the worst he has been consistently.

Does he not like riding and driving on the same day?

Did he not like going back to work, regardless of activity?

Was he having a bad driving day unrelated to riding beforehand?

Or does it have nothing to do with the horse, instead the operators have trouble switching gears?

Who knows.

Eventually, he will be able to do both. Nashoba [Show Report] has a ride-and-drive class where entries are driven, tack is changed, then entries are ridden. If all goes to plan (Ha!), Milton will slam dunk this class. Some day.

For now, Milton does one at a time. Since both driving and riding are being done at Stepping Stone, we go over, work, come home. It is tempting to combine the activities, particularly since my rides are so short. Slow, methodical horse training struggles against maximizing efficiency. Festina lente.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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