Back in the Saddle Seat

Saddle Seat Wednesday

Rode last week. Not riding would have wasted a whole week of dreading [Warning, More Whining]. Robert was, of course, wonderful.

A ride in the grand old man, Roberto.

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… on … Photo by Courtney Huguley.

My problem is one of certainty rather than confidence. I can be plenty arrogant confident when I feel that I know what I am doing. There were moments waiting for my classes on Sunday morning at Nationals when I was not totally a hot mess [Show Report]. The problem comes when I am not sure. If I am not 100% certain, then I must be completely lost, no?

I am an either/or person. (IRL friends are rolling their eyes so hard right now.) It is no accident that my eventing colors were black & white [Best Laid Plans]. I’m not good with gray areas. Never have been.

Unfortunately, for me there will always be an element of uncertainty with saddle seat. When a ride goes sour, my instinct is to sit in the center of the saddle and put my leg on. This is not what ASBs are trained to expect. Therefore, I either get ignored or make a deteriorating situation worse.

OTOH, some people do become fluent in a second language [Nice Horses and Lesson Programs, ex-pat theory].

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott


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