Whizzing About

Driving Thursday
Photo by Courtney Huguley

When I – possibly, maybe – go to Murfreesboro next month, I will also be driving. Why not? No one else from Stepping Stone Farm is driving and Mr. Whizbang [Show Photos I, II] will already be there with his junior riders.

Strangely, this doesn’t stress me out. At least nowhere close to the level that riding does. I have no agenda for driving. Go in. See if I can find an extended trot [Show Report]. Whatever happens, happens. Obviously, if I could have this attitude toward sitting on the horse, I – and everyone within stressing distance of me – would be happier.

Therefore, I climbed back in a cart last week. As far as I can count, I hadn’t driven since the Mid-South show in May. (Okay, I sat in the cart with Milton [The Family That Drives Together], but that was proof of concept, not serious driving. Bear on a bicycle.) That’s four months. It went great. No, I’ll say it outright, I did great. Best driving I’ve done.

All the time I have spent watching Greg and Milton, plus four days immersed in driving in Indiana [Show Report] appears to have rubbed off on me. Hitch. Get in. Drive. Yeah, sure. I got this. My technical ability hadn’t changed. Improved attitude meant better application of technique. Yes, the continued parallel to riding is not lost on me. Sigh.

Learning by osmosis, who knew.

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. debandtoby: I’m attempting to concentrate on having fun at the show and let the ribbons fall where they may. We’ll see how successful I am at this.

    Others: 10q. Although I’m pretty sure I know who anon is in this case (see 9/27 post). Most readers come for the horse pix.

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