Show Tweets: Indiana CDE 2017

Tweet record from the Indiana CDE [Show Report]. 93 tweets, plus replies.

Day 0: Getting Ready
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
5 tweets

Day 1: Travel
Thursday, September 21
22 tweets

Second note to self: navigators/grooms are *not allowed* to walk cones, even if they will be riding on the carriage. It’s a crowd issue. Those not on the carriage don’t need to know. Grooms on the carriage are not supposed to move. They are there as ballast. So, they don’t need to know the course either. Also, drivers must walk the course in show clothes. Rules not strictly enforced below the FEI level. “Only Athletes, Chefs d’Equipe and Trainers are allowed to inspect the course on foot and they must be correctly and smartly dressed.” 973.7.1

Day 2: Dressage & Cones, CT
Friday September 22
23 tweets

… make (ya wonder) …

Day 3: Dressage & Cones, CDE
Saturday, September 23
24 tweets

Day 4: Marathon & Trip Home
Sunday, September 24
19 tweets

The interesting point of all these beer photos is that these are the only 3 beers I will drink this year.

This ended up being a photo essay as much as a tweet storm, maybe because it was our first CDE, making everything all new and shiny and interesting. Although, it is a photo essay of everything else. As soon as the competition got going, I was watching/participating instead of reporting.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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