My Version of Retail Therapy

Saddle Seat Wednesday, Sorta

I tried to take a dressage lesson. Does that count?

The call went out several times. Who wants a lesson this month? It began to sound as if they would not have enough people. Given the lack of work Rodney and I have suffered this summer [Lately], a lesson would be an exercise in rediscovering the basics. If it was a matter of having to cancel for lack of interest, I said would be willing to give it a go in the backyard. Alas, the clinic was able to fill without me. No lesson this month.


Plus, this confirms what I had supposed. I will not be able to continue these dressage lessons [Leg Yield] until I can figure a way to haul His Bulkiness around.


What does this have to do with saddle seat? At Winter Tournament – back when I remembered how to ride saddle seat – I was tied for High-Point Adult from Stepping Stone Farm [Results]. The prize was a $50 gift card.

I have been saving it for a special, preferably saddle seat, occasion. After finding out about the lack of lesson, I decided that LEGO therapy was in order. What better way to spend saddle seat prize money than as a consolation for another discipline crashing down around my ears? I give you, Ninjago City, Review.

My new toy, with help from two guys at the LEGO store. Yes, they know me there.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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