Driving Through Ohio, Guest Photos

Driving Thursday

When Coach Kate traveled to Ohio, she stopped at several driving-related shops. As one does. She was kind enough to let me use her photos as a blog post. I really oughtta give her Assistant Producer credit for Driving Thursdays. #vicarioustravel

Woodlyn Coach Company, Mt. Hope, Ohio, USA.
Henry Hooker phaeton, restored by Ivan Burkholder at Woodlyn Coach Co.
“That’s my father, Jack Bushman, standing, by request, with the Singer sewing machine, so you could see how large it was. It’s an original Singer Dash Machine model 67-1 for sewing patent leather over metal rod frames of carriage dashes and fenders. Ivan does all sorts of restoration work for cart, carriage and coaches.”
From Woodlyn Coach. “Half of my purchased pair. These are placed in the doorway of a carriage house/barn so that the wheel couldn’t pass too close to the doorway and catch the hub on wall. They are made of cast aluminum.  Heavy, but not as heavy as cast iron.  Ivan has the mold and can make more if someone else wants a set. ”
Wall of driving bits at Bowman Harness Company, Mt. Hope, Ohio, USA. Ironically, they did NOT have Milton’s new bit.
“These horses were at Bowman Harness. There was a steady stream of English and Amish in the shop.”

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    1. After consulting antique carriage appointments guru, Mike Zaetta, we don’t know if there is an official name. He’s seen them before, though.

  1. This is interesting. I guessed that this was in Amish country because of the location. But the bits display amazed me. Also, the variety of carriages. Thanks for sharing these images.

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