Things You Don’t Think About – Umbrellas

Today was supposed to be a photo of our new trailer hitch. Not so much. I won’t comment yet, except to say a) Greg is on the case, & b) never piss off the quiet ones. They will eat you alive.

Meanwhile, your thought for the day.
I don’t own an umbrella.

I hadn’t even considered this until we piled out of the car for our photo shoot at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge [Foto Friday]. One of the other photographers asked if I had brought an umbrella. No, I thinks to myself, not only did I not bring one, I couldn’t put my hands on one if I had to.

If it wasn’t for horses, I’d be a couch potato. Therefore, if’ I’m going outdoors, strong chance that horses will be involved. Horses and umbrellas do not mix. Therefore, no umbrella – to such an extent that I don’t notice the lack.

What obvious things have you overlooked?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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