Foto Friday: Stepping Stone Farm Photo Safari

Photo class: field trip at the barn.
Objective: learning to look at the world in terms of potential photographs.

SSF photo field trip horse

SSF photo field trip peahen

SSF photo field trip grass

SSF photo field trip Claw

SSF photo field trip selfie

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Stepping Stone Farm Photo Safari

  1. Hey Katherine — These looked good put together as a package. It gives me enthusiasm for today! I like your use of lighting here. And — ‘still a tad envious of your getting a good peahen photo! Meg


  2. Thank you. I am making progress. However, on this particular evening, I was hot & tired. I reverted to spray & pray. My camera was not on automatic, but I was. I need to learn more control of my destiny & less, Gee let’s hit the button & see what happens.

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