Stars & Stripes

The boys wish you a happy 4th; in the US, a Happy Independence Day!

stars & stripes 2016

Also, a belated Happy Canada Day to Milton’s former countrymates
Yeah, it is underexposed, despite my attempt to compensate. Still have photo skills to sharpen. OTOH, the other 78 shots featured ears at half mast, horse frolics, and sleeping. Lots of sleeping. Note to self, they have gotten so used to holiday embarrassment holiday photos that we need to act quickly, while they are still semi-interested in the proceedings.

Props to both horses. The garlands shimmered and rustled. The time from WFT! to Okay was only a few minutes. Milton objected more violently at the beginning. Once he accepted, he was done. Rodney consented sooner, but held reservations. By the time we got out to the pasture, they were over the shock and playing with the other guy’s garland.

Outtakes tomorrow.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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