Foto Friday: Light Be Weird

These two photos were taken seconds apart in the pasture. Dog and I were out for our evening walk. I thought the sky was an interesting shade of teal. The cellphone camera thought the sky was an interesting shade of purple, photo on left. To get the correct color, I moved the focus circle around until the sky was right & hit go before the camera had time to adjust, photo on right.

Goes to show how many decisions our automatic cameras make for us and why real photographers shoot in RAW and adjust in a photo editor. This is nothing new. Photos have always been manipulated. Now burning and dodging and their ilk have been taken out of the darkroom and into a desktop.

PetaPixel: Marked Up Photographs Show How Iconic Prints Were Edited in the Darkroom

The photo below was taken 7 minutes later. The camera and I agreed on the color.

light 2016 6 10 822

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Katherine Walcott

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