Foto Friday: Lesson 1, Depth of Field

Book List

photo books

Photography (11th Edition) by Barbara London, John Upton, Jim Stone [Pearson 2013]. Textbook, art school slant.

The Moment It Clicks by Joe McNally [New Riders 2008]. The stories and gear behind the photos.

David Busch’s Compact Field Guide for the Nikon D7100 by David Busch [Cengage 2013]. The manual writ large.

Perfect Digital Photography by James B. Dickman and Jay Kinghorn [McGraw-Hill 2005/2009]. Textbook with journalism school slant.

Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision by David duChemin [Nrew Riders 2009] Taking travel photos without being a jerk. Within the Frame Photographic Adventures

First task for any project, buy books!

Homework: Depth of Field Exercise
Watch the changing focus on the front and back horses.

A: 1/4000 F4.5

A: 1/4000 F4.5

A: Only the middle horse is in focus.

B: 1/1600 F8

B: 1/1600 F8

B: The area in focus expands front and back.

C: 1/ 400 F16

C: 1/ 400 F16

C: All in focus.

Behind The Scenes

The Set-Up

The Set-Up

The Supervisors

The Supervisors

Playing Through

Playing Through

Photo Class Posts
Meet Meg

Meg head


Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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