Foto Friday: Syllabus

My photography teacher, Meg McKinney [Meet Meg], has sent the outline for our classes. She says the syllabus is subject to change. I predict this will be more true than she knows. I predict she will be appalled at how little I understand the workings of my camera.

I’m not being coy. I’m clever. My brain is good for a lot of things. Retaining technical detail is not one of them. I have taken the 160-hour volunteer firefighter training course. I have spent a weekend at the fire college taking an apparatus-operator course. I still cannot perform the most basic operations for the pumps on the engines. I remember standing in front of our old pumper, listening to Chief explain the mechanism, and feeling the information drain back out as he spoke. But I digress.

Welcome Meg.

I thought we’d cover f/stops in the first class. They’re essential, and once you “get it,” you’ll wonder why you didn’t before.

You can count on homework from each class, which you will need to bring to the next class to show — on a thumb drive or CD. We will look at the images on my laptop. 

What is the model camera that you have? What lens(es) do you have?  I want to look them up on the Nikon website,  .

Do you have the camera’s manual? If so, please bring it to class. 

Class 1:  What is your camera? lens – f/stop? shutter speed? ISO? photo books, and more. 

Class 2: Shutter speeds, more about lenses, composition, tripod.

Class 3: Light – types of, do’s, don’t’s, more on composition — a never-ending topic.

Class 4: Strobe light (the kind you attach to your camera), settings for strobes, practical uses, etc.; filters, and animals – creatures:  how to photograph.

If you have additional topics you’d like covered in these classes, be sure to tell me what they are. 

This is going to be fun — Meg

A Foto Friday with no fotos. Ah, the irony.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Meg head


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