In Which Milton Gets a Gold Star

As Milton and I wandered around the field on a walk [2.0, Moods], we came across what is left of the kiddie wading pool. We bought this a while ago as a groundwork obstacle. Rodney had plodded right through it [Dry Pool]. Milton, not so much. The one time he saw it, Milton point-blank refused to go near it. Hard to blame him. This is a fairly normal horse response. Rodney is freakishly brave about some things.

Over time, the pool has lost both air & water. It is mostly a pile of plastic lying in the field. Hmm, a fairly narrow pile of plastic at the moment. A horse could step right over that. Let’s see what he does with it.

I walked Milton up to the edge. He stopped. Not as a refusal; more as a ‘Yes, there is a question in front of me’ manner. I encouraged. He moved a step forward, putting a toe on the plastic. Success! This was light years ahead of what he had done the last time. I praised. We waited. Again, I encouraged. He looked at the plastic. He looked at me. I encouraged. He considered the plastic. He considered me. He considered my credit balance. ‘Okay, you haven’t lied to me lately. I’ll try.’ Whereupon he took four enormous steps over the narrow band of plastic.

Callooh, callay, my beamish boy! How clever and wonderful you are!
Gratuitous Cat Photo: Rhyme
Rhyme Feb 8 2016

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