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Think bold thoughts for me today. I have signed up for the Horsemanship Challenge. Gulp. I will be asked to ride two unknown Saddlebreds, three if I make the finals. I did this for Walk-Trot in 2013 [Regular Programming]. I have vehemently avoided the WTC version over the past two years.

Why now? Well, I blame my coach. She talked me into it. Without saying a word.

In talking over my goals for this year, I said I wanted to get braver about getting on new horses. I’ll never be brave about it, but I could get bravER. Then, the show schedule comes out. Hmm, Horsemanship Challenge is coming up soon. That would be a good goal. For next year. For 2017. Something to work towards.

I knew, KNEW, that as soon as I mention HSC 2017, Coach Courtney would say, “Why not do it this year?” It was the driving talk all over again.

(My thoughts, during boot camp for Nationals 2014) Maybe I should try driving again. Maybe in the future even try a show or two. A small show. Alone in the ring. As a schooling exercise only. In the future. For now, we will concentrate on ridden equitation. After Nationals, we can revisit the driving question.

I had just launched into this speech when she-who-talks-me-into-all-manner-of-sh*t says, Why don’t you drive at Nationals?

Say whaaaaat (insert rising bleet)?

Annotated Camp Tweets: Day 6

Nationals 2014, Alvin Ailey. Sandra Hall Photography Used with permission
Nationals 2014, Alvin Ailey.
Sandra Hall Photography
Used with permission

My coach now officially lives in my head.
Please feel free to download, share, post, reuse the GO!ME! image for moments of personal motivation. If you would prefer to use it for profitable purposes, let’s talk.

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  1. To complete the picture: Started with Annie. Walk up to stall. Sign says, ‘No Whips’. Doesn’t build confidence. Annie was great. Quirky about whips rather than a difficult ride. Elvis ended up being the challenge. Wouldn’t stand at the in-gate, had to be walking. Spent the ride bellowing for dead people. None of the dead people answered. K rode both horses very well. A ring with 14 horses and maybe two riders that understood the concept of mortality. Victory was just competing. And K did that well.

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