Rodney’s Headgear Adventures

Rodney mustang bridle 1
The day I publicly bragged on how much Rodney liked his new headstall [View from the Top], he decided to protest the way it rode up his nose when I used the reins. We adjusted so that it no longer whacked his cheekbones. He calmed down about it [Progress]. Diva horse.

The headstall was right church, wrong pew. We hit the Internet looking for different pews. The Mustang Bitless Bridle from is our first attempt. The reins attach to small ropes that cross under the chin. The trick seems to be getting these snug so they don’t roll around the face.

So far, so good. He appears to like the soft rope construction. Although, as soon as this post appears, he may change his mind.

Rodney mustang bridle 3


2 thoughts on “Rodney’s Headgear Adventures

  1. Next trick is to teach him that chin pressure means something. If you’re anything like me (and I think we’re a lot alike) you’ll resort to ‘bit’ style riding too easily. Take your time teaching him what this new pressure means and remember it’s a different feel for both of you.
    Bon courage

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