Show Today: Winter Tournament 2015 #1, B&W

Sam ears 3 trimmed

I was asked who I wanted to ride at this show. Who do I always want to ride? [Whither Now] Sam, of course. [Sultan’s Miracle Man, HOY Nomination]

Be brave! Be fierce! There is no growth without challenge.

Pull my socks up. Ride all the horses the nice lady is kind enough to offer. No progress comes from puttering along in a rut. Every horse has something to teach.

I have enough trauma – real or imagined – at home.

Stepping Stone is my haven to remember why I like to ride. Simple rides increase confidence as well as competence. Riding horses that overwhelm will freak me out, not build me up.

I asked for Sam at this first show. Then, I will gird my loins and attempt to crawl out of my cave in order to ride another horse at the second and third shows.

Still utterly no clue what I will do when next season starts. [WNSSV] Show? Not show? Riding? Driving? Academy? Suit? ASB? TB? Winter Tournament does not require that any decisions be made.

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  1. Good luck to you and all the other Stepping Stoners! Your blog expresses a lot of what we mentally go through before entering the ring. I have confidence in you. You’ll do great!

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