Take-Away Message

Day One Nice to see you again.
Day One
Nice to see you again.

Milton continues to transform back into the lovely horse I met in Lexington [Logistics: Shipping]. His ears are up. His coat is glossy. His topline is less hunched. He lets us pick out his back feet without attempting to kick. It’s amazing how good life is when you don’t ache all over [Clean Cups!]. Oddly, none of his symptoms or behaviors were ever digestive. He continued to eat and poop with alacrity. But enough about him. Let’s talk about me. What have I learned?

That I am not an idiot.

GIVEN: I don’t know everything about horses. I will never know everything about horses. I will continue to make mistakes. I need to own my mistakes, rather than blame the horse, the weather, or the unkind fates.

HOWEVER: I have been doing this a long time. I have been fortunate to have been around horses regularly since the late 70s. I have had daily responsibility for my horses since 1992. I need to own that as well.

THEREFORE: if I am having that much trouble coping with a horse, there is a reason external to hapless inability on my part.

Would the timeline would have changed had I not been wallowing my own inadequacies? Perhaps we would have been more aggressive. Perhaps not. Either way, I would have been much less miserable.

Now I need to remember. And believe.

6 thoughts on “Take-Away Message

  1. Believing is one of the most important elements of any sport. Congratulations on your progress!

  2. You are not and you should believe. It doesn’t matter how much experience any of us has in any arena. We don’t know it all and won’t. And when we add a living breathing creature, well that adds an entire other dimension.


    And I’m so glad you found what the issue was and can move forward!

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