Winter Tournament Banquet 2015

It’s not all about the ribbons. Sometimes there are trophies.

wt 2015 1

Ribbons & trophies from Winter Tournament 2014-2015: three shows, twelve classes, four divisions. Decorated water bottle for the horsemanship division. Ribbon rack for equitation. Horse trophy for high point adult from Stepping Stone.

Ribbon rack detail
Ribbon rack detail

Division Results
Advanced Horsemanship WTC Adult, 1st of 6
Only 3 of these folks went to all the shows. The championship was about perseverance as much as riding. I suspect that is true for most point accumulation awards.
Advanced Equitation WTC Adult with Pattern, 1st of 4
Pleasure Horse or Pony WTC Adult, 2nd of 4
Academy Driving, 2nd of 2

Chart of classes and places

wt color chart 2015

I had the pleasure of riding and driving Natalie for the entire Winter Tournament. I had been hoping for a photo of her with all of our ribbons, but the weather was against me. Thank you to Ann Stanton and Nicole Hardy.

Photo by G
Photo by G

Weekend Plans: Sunday
Regular Programming: Banquet

Winter Tournament Banquet

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