Shopping: Make-up

Getting ready to horse show.

make up 1

For safety’s sake, I tossed the eye products that I’d had for two seasons & bought new, with the help of one of the barn moms. (Waves hi!)

My make-up advisor was startled at the brightness of the gloss red lipstick and metallic blue eyeshadow from my make-over at Nationals last Fall [Report].

make up 2

Conversely, I am much happier with this look. It leaves behind thorny issues on the hyper-sexualization of women and enters the realm of theater. This I can live with.

Or maybe I just don’t do subtle.

Blue photobombs the shoot.

Blue 3 11 15 II

4 thoughts on “Shopping: Make-up

  1. Good idea to throw away old eye products, they get contaminated easily. I’ve never worn eye shadow and i don’t remember the last time i wore lipstick – probably when i was still working. But a bit more subtle.

  2. I’ve reached the lovely age of No Eyebrows. I have no idea whose idea of a joke this is, but they’ve all but vanished. Given I was a tomboy (I didn’t pluck or even wear much makeup), this conundrum is a mystery to me. Unfortunately, I’m also at the age of CSFS, or that stage better known as cant see for shit. This translates into eyebrows that sometimes look a little too much like Mommy Dearest. I’m not amused. Glad you found your colors and I hope you have better luck putting them on!

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