Weekend Plans

Saturday: Horsemanship Challenge. The inward-looking, obsessive side of me wants to know why on earth I ever agreed to hop on strange saddlebred. The outward-looking, perky side of me thinks this will be an adventure. I am trying to dial up the volume on the latter.

Sunday: Awards banquet for Winter Tournament shows [one, two, three]. Perhaps one day I will be sufficiently evolved to be interested in achievement for its own sake rather than for the lure of big, gaudy ribbons. That day is not yet.

Monday: Tooth extraction which I hope will be a good thing [Hi].

I’ll be back to report on the first two when I have recovered from the third. Meanwhile enjoy a few days of horse photos and gratuitous animal pictures. If I have not returned before the photo posts run out, not to worry. It means I’m swanning about the house being catered to. Why does that always happen when I am too sick to enjoy it?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GKP Dash 3

3 thoughts on “Weekend Plans

  1. Lots of deep breathing and “following of the plan” on Saturday, have an awesome time Sunday, and I’ll be thinking good thoughts for your Monday!

  2. Give ’em heck Tiger! The Horsemanship Challenge is right up your alley. Brings back IHSA days, doesn’t it! Want to hear all about. And good luck with Sunday’s awards. Will commiserate on Monday – I had mine done a week ago. Stay in touch and enjoy the pampering.

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