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I had planned to write an amusingly-phrased update of our two horses (both fine), but I’m so tired I can’t see straight. Two weeks and counting of antibiotics and OTC pain meds will do that. Dentist again tomorrow at 9 am to discuss plans. I’ve already been to the ER the Sunday before Christmas, seen the dentist once, and visited the endodontist for a failed root canal redo. It’s been a lovely holiday season around here.

The good news is that I may have been wrestling with a low-grade tooth/jaw infection for a while, possibly years. That’s good news because fixing it might go a long way to invigorating my attitude. I might finally have the enthusiasm to work with Rodney and the energy to tackle horse shopping.

As I said elsewhere, my teeth have always been bad. OTOH, heart, skeletal, digestive, etc. systems appear to be ticking along without much supervision. So that’s good.

G’night. It’s daylight as I write this, but it’s bed o’clock somewhere.

6 thoughts on “Hi There

  1. Sounds like a truly memorable Christmas. I hope your dentist gets to the root of the problem quickly 😉
    Seriously, are you looking at an extraction? Failed endodontic treatment doesn’t augur well. Good luck with it, whatever treatment you decide on.
    I recently found your blog via HayNet. Still playing catch up but I’m loving it.

  2. i’m sorry you’re not feeling well. hope the problem can be tracked and cured very soon.

  3. Hope you can get to the bottom of it and start feeling better soon!! And that it is part of what’s been going on for a while…

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