Art Foto Friday: Threshold Cat

Arthur 2 21 15 bw

Source photo


Effect achieved in GIMP, photo-editing software, from Color > Threshold or Tools > Color Tools > Threshold. It’s not black&white photography. There are no gray tones. It’s just the color black and the color white. I am enchanted with this process for outline and texture.

Spotted, Rodney
Milton, SSF

3 thoughts on “Art Foto Friday: Threshold Cat

  1. It gives a very interesting result. I love the one of Arthur and the paddock fence 🙂 They look like illustrations in a book.

  2. Way cool. I’ve got to learn how to do more with my camera. And find someplace to process the film when i use my old, know it by heart, old SLR.

  3. It is interesting, and I can understand why you’re enchanted. One of the best things about having your own blog is that you get to write about whatever enchants you.

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