Show Today: Winter Tournament 2015 #3, B&W Stables

Say what you will about my pursuit of ribbons, but a show this weekend and the potential for series awards later was the only thing that got me back to my lesson this week.

After my annoying lesson the previous week [Skills Gap], I had yet more dental work on the tooth that took over my life: Hi There, Is It Safe To Crawl Out From Under My Rock Yet?:Monday, Weekend Plans:Monday, Regular Programming:Dentist, Foto Friday: Gratutious Sunset, Antibiotics as Mood Elevator. You thought I was kidding when I said it took over?

This appointment was for the final crown. Snap it on the implanted post. Easy-peasey, right? Ha. No one warned me about torquing the socket, or relearning how to chew on that side, or the rest of my teeth objecting to the interloper. It wasn’t pain. It was the pressure of tooth and bone readjusting. Anyone who has had braces tightened knows the feeling.


Capitalizing on my self-pity and frustration, all my demons came out to play. Why was I doing this to myself? I had zero desire to get on a horse. Why was I confining my life to endless circles in dusty rings for no discernible purpose? I considered giving up riding for Lent: actually with the Saddlebreds and attempting with my own. Not forever, just for a few weeks.

It might not be the worst thing for me to discover the world outside of the barn. However, it would be a bad idea to do so for the wrong reasons. Spiritual pursuit should be moving towards, not hiding from.

So, I went to my lesson. I climbed aboard. Natalie met me halfway. In return, I rode her as herself rather than as a clone of Sam. Peace reigned.

The show must go on.
Gratuitous Rafter Cat

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5 thoughts on “Show Today: Winter Tournament 2015 #3, B&W Stables

  1. “Giving up horses for Lent …” Couldn’t give up horses entirely. Not with two in the backyard.

    “Sometimes the hardest thing is to keep on keeping on.” Yup.

    “Have a fun.”/”Good luck.” Show went well. But then, it was a show. Even a bad show is still a horse show.

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