State of the Blog: Twitter Chats

Recently, I twiddled with Twitter chats.

I participated in @HorseHour & @EquestrianHour a few times. I gave each one a dedicated column in my TweetDeck. I tried to get with a marketing chat but never coordinated my schedule. A good time was had. I made the digital acquaintance of Rodney UK [Meet Rodney]. I got a blog post out of it. I even briefly pondered starting a scheduled Twitter hour for equestrian writers.

Verdict: I see the attraction, but still no. [State of the Blog: This & That, May 2014]

The idea of founding own Twitter chat appeals to my ego. Of course, there is no reason I couldn’t launch a hashtag right now then wait to see if the Twitterverse took notice, However, such a venture would have a better chance of success if I took the time to promote & organize. I don’t need an online, non-paying timesink for my amusement. I have the blog for that.

As for following the chats, or for Twitter in general, seems to me that there needs to be a base level of engagement to understand the landscape. See above comment re timesink. If I had a business, book, or brand that would benefit, I might feel differently.

For now, I will stick with using Twitter for show tweets. I may change my mind tomorrow.

Otherwise, blog ticks along. Comes out daily. Keeps me marginally more sane, or at least occupied.

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To indulge my sense of completeness, my Twitter chat tweets.

#HorseHour Monday 12/15/2014

You may notice that I posted this question just as #HorseHour was ending. I had planned to monitor the tweets while taking care of a few chores. HA! It was all I could do to keep up and type fast.

#EquestrianHour 12/17/2014

Not sure who this one was aimed at. Anyone with advice, I guess.

#equestrianhour 12/24/14
called on account of holiday

#horsehour 12/23/14

#horsehour 12/29/14
Follow on phone. No comments.

#horsehour 1/12/15

Gratuitous Cat

Blue pasture 12 21 14

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  1. Wow! I’m in this post! Sounds like you gave it a shot. I think the thing with Twitter chats is you have to pick the right Twitter accounts to engage with (ending sentence with preposition). In a weird way, I feel as though I’ve made a few friends via Twitter. But it is overwhelming sometimes as the pace goes pretty fast.

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