Meet Rodney

The UK version.

Rodney UK

Rodney lives at Church Farm Livery Stables, Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire. He shares his life with Ros Dobson, whose Twitter description reads: Equine Professional, A Groom and Instructor for over 20 Years, supervised by Jack Russells! @rosddobson. Read more about his life and friends on Rodney’s Page. His new wingman is Buddy. They are “the ginger ninjas of the yard, specialising in synchronised spooking when we take our humans out and about together.”

I cyber-met this Rodney during my first #HorseHour Twitter chat. Hosted by @HorseHour, the chat takes place every Monday, 8-9 pm GMT. I decided to expand my Twitter horizons after reading #HorseHour Mondays: A Lunchtime Twitter Chat for the Horse-Obsessed on Saddle Seeks Horse.

Thanks to Ros Dobson, Horse Hour, Susan Friedland-Smith, and of course, Rodney (UK) for the chat & for the blog post.

‘Tis a strange and wonderful time to be alive.

Rodney’s Saga Twitter accounts
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  1. That is so cool Rodney has a UK twin! Kinda like the girls from the film Parent Trap. One twin in the UK, the other in Napa Valley (Lindsay Lohan before she was wild). I’m glad you could join. See you at #equestrianhour on Wednesday?

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