Show Report & Tweets: Heathermoor Farm, Jan 2015

Natalie & me waiting for the show to start. Photo by Kathie Mautner
Natalie & me waiting for the show to start.
Photo by Kathie Mautner

Winter Tournament 2
Heathermoor Farm
Leeds, AL
January 10, 2015
Riding & driving with Natalie
Thank you to Ann Stanton and Nicole Hardy

2. Advanced Horsemanship WTC Adult, 5th of 7
3. Advanced Equitation WTC Adult (Pattern), 1st of 4
8. Pleasure Horse or Pony WTC Adult, 5th of 7

Last month’s success went to my head [Report Rocking S], causing me to forget that Winter Tournament is not Academy. I was swimming with bigger fish. Given that, two fifth places weren’t so bad. At least one of the names ahead of me rides in suit equitation the rest of the year.

Seven riders in the class was not overwhelming. Not at all. Instead, it gave me a chance to practice getting out of the crowd & showing my horse. I did, more so as the day went on. I also tried to keep equitating while riding. I have a habit of doing one or the other. Excuse me, gotta fix something over here. Okay, I’m done. Back to looking pretty.

In the pattern class, I nailed 90% of the moves. Bad news: I blew one of the leads in the canter serpentine. Good news: so did everyone else. Which proves that one keeps fighting for every point, even when all seems lost.

Checking out the cows next door.
Checking out the cows next door.

24. Academy Driving, 2nd of 2

I attempted a little of the look-ahead-and-plan that I had been doing in the riding classes. Note to self. You are NOT ready to do two things at once in a cart. Natalie trundled on regardless.

She can be an occasional heifer under saddle [Report SSF], but is – at least has been so far – a marvelously steady soul in front of a cart. We even managed to stir in a little sizzle. Not enough to take on Alvin and his driver, but a good effort for us.

Show Tweets

Not so bad. Good clothes. Bright sun.

The 3rd class started with 7 but ended with 6. Hence the different number above.

When do I EVER want to leave a horse show? Once the excitement wore off, I suspect I was tired from being cold all week. The difference between a cold snap in the Southeast and one in New England: in New England the houses are built for it. My heating system has been panting & puffing to keep the house in the mid-60s. Enervating.

WT2 foal

12 thoughts on “Show Report & Tweets: Heathermoor Farm, Jan 2015

  1. When I glanced at your initial photo in this post with the blue cloth draped around you I thought it was a side-saddle habit at first glance! I thought you’d branched out into yet another style of riding 😉

    Loved the point about everyone messing up their canter leads.

      1. Ah yes, now I remember this post, which I thought was really interesting at the time and then completely forgot! My brain’s not what it used to be 😉

    1. One of the riders was riding something that was completely convinced the end of the world was coming. Apparently very experienced rider and extreeeeeeeeeemely green horse. Anyway, rider very intelligently pulled out before either she or anyone else got hurt. Kudos to the kid.

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