On the 5th Day of Christmas: Five Fluffy Foofs

5 ribbons

Five championship ribbons from 2014:
One because I was the only rider in the division. [Banquet]
Two in an actual championship class where I had to beat someone, but only one. [Pro Am]
Three and Four for regular classes in place of blue ribbons. [Georgia Classic]
Five was an year-end, endurance ribbon for slogging to more shows than the folks who beat me all year. SESHA Academy Horsemanship [FB post]

Not what you would call highly contested prizes. Still, I’m thrilled with each and every one of them. Am I that shallow? Yes and no.

No, I am not that shallow. I understand that a ribbon is a symbol. In one show, I placed first among the adults in a mixed class of kids and adults and then moved up a spot in the next class [UPHA]. Was I happy? Pffft. I rode badly. The horse went badly. A pleasant time was not had by all. The those ribbon were ashes to me. I was grumpy for days, weeks even [Caveat Lector]. Conversely, I was not upset by the purple and green parade at Nationals [A Horse Show in 80 Tweets]. I really wasn’t. I did what I came to do. I did so on the horse of my choice. Judges didn’t like our flavor of ice cream? Oh well. So, I do recognize that the horse and the ride come first. Placings are nice, but ultimately out of my control.

Yes, I am that shallow. Because, ribbons!!!

2013 On the Fifth Day of Christmas: 5 Dressage Rings

3 thoughts on “On the 5th Day of Christmas: Five Fluffy Foofs

  1. Well done, even if they give ribbons even for a one-entrant class.
    Well, I’ve done it. Tossed my ”mushroom” helmet and kept the cover. I have so many ideas in my head, and quilt shows are adding more ‘modern’ and ‘art /innovative’ classes I just may be able to win. Many quilt shows give cash in addition to ribbons. And i can mail in my entries. OK. I’m a ‘nutsy fagin’. But i really want a ribbon. Cash is nice, too. Just wish i had a place to put the few ribbons i have won. More in the county fair than riding.

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