Caveat Lector

We all know Caveat Emptor. Google says lector = reader.

At the end of last week, I had a long talk with Coach about the rest of the fall show season. I gave her right of refusal, given the current scrambled state of my psyche. I offer you the same deal.

I’ve been in a mood. You may have noticed. Not likely to change soon. On the other hand, it’s not fair that you suffer through problems not of your making. Options:

1) We part company temporarily. Go enjoy other blogs. Saddle Seeks Horse just bought a new horse. Then, come back in a month or three when I am likely to be less Eeyore & more Pinkie Pie.

B) Keep reading but know that you will have to deal with a higher occurrence of neurotic meltdowns. I will attempt to be entertaining, but whining will transpire.

Coach elected to endure the drama. Apparently, the things that give me agita are also the things that make me who I am. Far too generous. Personally, I’d chose door number one if there was any possible way to manage it. (Does anyone else want to get away from themselves. Just for a break? Or is that part of what makes me who I am? But I digress.)

So, I will continue to show and continue to blog. I don’t promise to be a ray of sunshine about either one.

You have been warned.

12 thoughts on “Caveat Lector

  1. I suggest an modified option 1. We say goodbye. If and when you wish to blog again, let us know and we’ll be here.

    Divert your energies to learning who you are now. You are not necessarily who you have been up until now or who you think you are or who you think you should be.

    Without a blog, your daily life will change. Don’t even expect or hope to be back or be back with a more positive attitude. Go into free fall. Get away from who you have been and find out who you are now.

    Perhaps the lesson you are to learn in this life is to be less driven by deadlines and more present in the present. As you said, when life becomes a series of blog opportunities…

    Time to step back, drop out and smell the flowers. Thinking is not your problem, but too much thinking. Perhaps learning how to not-think would be a good exercise. You say it’s in your genes. No intelligent person truly believes in such rigid determinism. And a really smart soul would move away from unhappy to different.

    You have what you think you need in terms of the material world. Now you might consider what your soul needs.

  2. Whoa a bit deep from Louise…
    Blog or don’t blog. I enjoy reading what you write, even when you’re in bad form. As for showing, I find your whiny posts far more entertaining than the shiny showy ones

    1. Thank you. Gots to admit that I prefer the shiny show ones. 🙂 Why is misery so much more fun to read about? Conversely, why are good times so hard to write about entertainingly?

  3. You’re sweet to link to my blog, but your loyal readers read because. . . they like sharing in your journey. I’d be honored for them to check out mine too, but I think what people really need in this era is authenticity. So hats off to you for being transparent about your own state. 🙂 And those hay bales made me smile today, so I’m going to keep reading. 🙂

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