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Not so fast. Voting deadline extended to Monday.


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Photo courtesy of Haynet contest announcement.
Photo courtesy of Haynet contest announcement.

Last few days to vote for Haynet’s Blogger of the Year. (Me!) “Voting closes on Monday 8th December with the winner being announced later on that week.” I assume this means Monday at midnight UK time, which means evening in the US. Vote on! Announcement will appear in this space the day after the official announcement. (Paragraph updated.)

Haynet asked for a few words on the content of the blog & why I write it. Here’s what I sent in. It appeared on the Haynet site as Meet A Finalist. (Haynet readers: apologies for the redundancy.):

Before blogging, I never wrote for free. Rodney’s Saga started as a monthly column for a US eventing magazine. After it lost steam, I continued on my own, for reasons that seemed like a good idea at the time. At some point, I became addicted. A touch of obsession is useful for cranking out a daily blog. Tired? Late? Nothing to say? Does. Not. Matter. Must. Write. Post.

Of course, I have Holodeck fantasies of my words going viral. Until then, I enjoy solving the puzzle of what to say each day. Plus the entertainment of reading other horse blogs and making virtual friends. In the comments, I have received useful advice, personal stories, even the occasion kick in the pants.

As for my horses … sigh … I have two fabulous horses. I don’t ride either of them. The blog is my attempt to keep the faith in light of my immediate future as a horse petter.

Maybe the blog will lead to marvelous opportunities, writing or otherwise. Maybe it will just keep me from bouncing off the walls as I wait for my horses to sort themselves out. Either way, good deal.

In the spirit of fairness (and shamed into it by Tails from Provence: Motivation), I present the other 11 finalists:

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Good luck to all.

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