Off Topic: The Seven Deadly Sins of Reading Other People’s Blogs

Caveat: Today’s subject is not about horses. For more non-equine subjects, see my other blog, Off Topic. Rodney’s Saga returns to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

SLOTH – This was clever. I should leave an appreciative comment. Meh. Too much work. Click.

PRIDE – My blog is sooooo much better than this. Preen. Strut. Back pat.

LUST – If you can imagine it, someone somewhere is doing it. And sharing the details on the Internet. Pant. Pant. Pant.

GLUTTONY – I have now read every post in your entire archive. I want another one. Hurry up. Write faster. What’s taking so long? More. More. More.

GREED – Banner ads. $$. Affiliate links. $$. Online stores selling blog-related merchandise. Money. Money. Money.

ENVY – They have 10,000 followers? I want 10,000 followers. They got 400 comments? I want 400 comments. They saw 2,000+ shares of a post? I want 2,000 shares of a post. They were invited to a special preview party for bloggers ? I want to be invited to a special preview party for bloggers. Want. Want. Want.

ANGER – This is so BAD. Why do you bother?! Your uninteresting content is overshadowed only by your inept delivery. You need to have your blogging license taken away. How can I get back the last three minutes of my life? Rage. Fume. Stomp.

OT 5.19.14

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