More Candidates

Horse shopping recap:

#14 was a older, chestnut Quarter Horse mare who had evented Training level and was priced accordingly. I am confident enough, or possibly arrogant enough, about my riding that I would rather put money into talent than experience.

#15 was a 8- or 9-year-old, bay, TB gelding of reasonable size and very reasonable price. He had been started under saddle as a two-year-old and had not done much in the intervening years. The seller refused to ride him. Um, no thanks.

#16 was a bay, TB mare, sister or half-sister to the above. No show. Trailer issues.

One had too much experience. One had too little. One we didn’t get to experience at all.

Of course that’s not the whole story. I have opinions. But this what I’m going with in public. See Note to Sellers.

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