Text Art: Positive Advice

Txt exercise card

Encouraging words from someone who knows me well: Exercise, eat right, & ride as much as you can. To which I added: Take a hike, referring to my walks around the field with the dogs [Field Walks]. Posted on my fridge.

4 thoughts on “Text Art: Positive Advice

  1. Excellent! PS I got your text and it took me 24 hours to figure out who it came from. My brain isn’t working all that well these day. 😉 (Or, the photo was teeny, tiny and my eyes aren’t working all that well these days, your choice).

  2. Wish i could still ride. Right now i’m babying Eowyn, who managed to tear a nail out of her right hind foot yesterday. Thank goodness for the emergency clinic!!. So, no walk for us today.

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