Field Walks

dog walk longMy walks around the field have morphed yet again.

Originally, I walked around our pasture in preparation for jogging around same. It beat jogging on the road. When the jogging habit failed to eventuate, I kept walking. It’s good exercise for body and mind. Often when I get my knickers terminally twisted, I will go for a walk to sort out my head. Or perhaps just to tire myself out. Never underestimate exhaustion as a tool.

Then Previous Horse died and was buried in the far corner of the pasture. It was a month before I could walk into the field without crying. There was no way I was going to walk past that corner alone. Still, I needed to move. I finally used the excuse of exercising Mathilda and the two of us would walk around the field together. [My Two Horses]

Then Mathilda got racked up. [How Do]

Eventually the dog took over escort duty. [Dog Walks]

Now we have Dash. Evenings are so much more peaceful if he has a chance to exorcise his puppy YaYas. So, Lady and I go for two rounds. She runs about. I walk, sometimes mindfully, sometimes letting the breeze blow through my brain. Then, Dash comes out on a leash & the three of us go for two more rounds of the field. These are taken at a brisker pace, but by round three I am generally done with the noodling and am slogging around for the exercise anyway. Keeping up with Dash, keeping him from snacking on field apples, and keeping the whole operation away from the horse all serve to distract me during the part when I’m getting tired.

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