Reign of the Swan Princess

Sparkly Princess

DP* Sparkly Princess pin.

I am at a horse show today. Another horse show?! Yes, I am quite aware how lucky I am. It’s close enough not to be worth getting a hotel, so I am driving up for the day.

I shall swan in at 8 am for hair & makeup. I shall stand about like a princess while my horse is dressed and presented to me. I shall ride in two classes. I shall graciously accepted such ribbons and adulation as are presented to me. I shall hand my horse off to the next rider. I shall wave farewell to my minions and return home.

I hate this.

While I am more than happy to have folks make tiresome tasks disappear (see Husband, dinner cooked by), I don’t stand around well. I want to be involved, to be helpful, to be moving. Granted I normally stand around waiting for the horse to be tacked up, lest I soil my riding clothes (see Show Report, cost of). At least when I’m around for the rest of the show, I can pretend to participate. Today, I will not even stay for the evening session. Last time I stayed till the end I was exhausted, and that was when I had a driver.

I shall mitigate my cavalier behavior with an offering of doughnuts.

(*Devil’s Panties – It’s Not Satanic Porn: The Princess Escapes. Do you think the judge would be amused if I wore it on my lapel? No, probably not.)

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  1. Good lord, that’s about as far away from eventing as one can get. I’m trying to imagine entering a dressage ring NOT looking like something the cat dragged in backwards because I was the one bathing, braiding, hooking up trailer, stuffing horse into it, driving three hours, unloading beast and scrubbing filth off his hocks and tail, and then warming up in a sand ring that is mostly soup.

    I’d hate it too.

  2. Gotta admit you were always far easier to deal with at a show when you had something to do. And my life was always easier when you were grooming for me. Good luck and let me know how it went!

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