Foto Friday: Models Rule

Outstanding in his field.
Outstanding in his field.

Inspiration: in honor of the first day of BreyerFest.

Model: from my adopted herd [Surprise!].

Technical bits: Taken on auto. I tried to shoot on aperture priority [Recommitment, pages 54-55] for a shallow depth of field. The results made me want to heave the camera. The theory was that I pick the aperture and then the camera picks the rest of the settings. Result, wide aperture equaled way too much light. Sigh. Perhaps photography is not my thing. Perhaps I shouldn’t have tried after a lesson when I’m so stupid tired that a nap doesn’t make a dent.


5 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Models Rule

  1. And maybe it is the camera. The little digital ones can only do so much – tho more than i once thought possible. You take some good pictures!

  2. My sister and I used to collect Breyers when we were kids 40 years ago. We still have them of course. We have both those models. Breyers got us started into horses–we owe a lot to them!

  3. Love both pictures! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Nice to see my old friends. They are in a much better place now 🙂

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