Foto Friday: Gratuitous Sunset

From the pasture:

sunset March 13 2014

Tooth implant socket today. Bleh. Yes, this is the same tooth/tooth space that was fussing me back in the beginning of 2013 [Hi/Safe:Monday/Regular:Dentist]. This is our fourth attempt at an appointment. I can’t decide if good luck means keeping the appointment or having it put off yet again.


Appointment was changed to Wednesday. I found out late Tuesday. However, the posts were already written as is. I was too busy with sudden onset dental stress to redo them. If all went to plan, I am now moping around the house, feeling pitiful, and halfway to being bionic.

One thought on “Foto Friday: Gratuitous Sunset

  1. My little one’s first implant! They grow up so fast! Sigh!

    My apologies for such bad genes. But at least you come by it honestly – I have three. Once the deed is done, your bionic tooth will be free of all further procedures. 🙂

    The uncomfortable part does end. Hang in there!

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