Rally Me

I have Boosted a RallyMe athlete.

What? RallyMe is crowdsource funding for sports.

Who? Not gonna tell. I don’t want this post to be seen as a campaign for funds. I’m not above that, I’m just not doing it now. AFAICT, most of RallyMe is winter sports, so my choice is not hard to determine, if you must know.

Why? I tossed in a few bob (Doctor Who marathon last week) as small investment in following a RallyMe project.

Allow me to emphasize, I know nothing about this horse & rider beyond what is on the page. It’s a digital adventure, that’s all.

What have I learned so far?

Nothing is free. RallyMe takes 5%; PayPal, 3%. Doesn’t sound that bad until I calculate that 8% of $2500 is $200. For every dollar the athlete raises, almost a dime never shows up. That doesn’t count taxes (unless 501c3), buying & shipping swag, opportunity cost of organizing the whole shebang, and so on. Costs

It’s about the numbers. Start strong. Spread the net wide. Be open to everyone:

Aim to have 20 percent of your goal raised in the first 48-72 hours of your Rally. How To

Industry research also suggests that of the people you tell about your campaign, 10 percent will contribute that amount. Thus, if you need to raise $9,332, you’d need to get 125 people to contribute $75. If the 10-percent rule holds true, you’ll need to find a way to tell your story to 1,250 people. How To

“As much as 60 percent of your funding can come from people you don’t know. These are people who have an interest in, and share a passion for the activity you’re engaged in. Or maybe they’re people who you don’t know who have a special connection to the school you’re attending, or the town you come from. You never know.” What is

I shall report back.
Accessing Jedi mind control.
Go here: Haynet. (No need to join to vote but you might wish to consider. Nice place)
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OR use this link directly: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Z9JTZCD.
You can go about your business.
Move along.
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