Gearing Up For the Dark Days

Cold. Unseasonably cold. This is the upside to having pasture ornaments. Go to barn. Pat noses. Tell ’em you will see ’em tomorrow. Or when it thaws. Retreat to house. No competition plans to be delayed.

I know, I know, it’s colder where you are. It’s all in what one is used to. Where I went to college, we would have been sunbathing in this weather. Plus, colder places have suitable facilities: lighted rings, competent road clearing, footing that doesn’t change to greasy soup at the first drop of rain, and so on.

So what to do instead?

SSF logoRide. Continue with lessons. The saddleseat barn has a small covered arena that is good for moderately bad weather. On really bad days, everything around here shuts down.

Get fit. Core strength for sitting well. Flexibility to go with the movement Aerobic conditioning to survive an entire cross-county course, jumping round, or flat class.

cov Lampe
Read. Winter goals for riding books are to finish Riding for Success: Both In & Out of the Showring by Gayle Lampe [Saddle & Bridle, 1996] & to read Saddle Seat Equitation: The Definitive Guide by Helen K. Crabtree [Doubleday, rev. 1999]. For extra credit, read the revised edition of Lampe’s book, now with added chapters. Be interesting to see what else, if anything, has changed from the first book.

Got any other winter suggestions? (Please note, we are only discussing ideas. The motivation to implement them is a whole separate post.)
Gratuitous Cat Picture

Percy. Photo by G.
Percy inspects the new load. Photo by G.

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