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Wormwood Forest: A Natural History of Chernobyl by Mary Mycio [Joseph Henry 2005].

Not as depressing a book as one might expect from the subject matter. Mycio looks into what comes next. How will we warn future generations? What do we do with the land? Who can live there? Included as a horse book because of the 21 Takhi released into the buffer zone, recounted in “Chapter 5: Back to the Wild”

Mycio’s Slate bibliograohy includes the 2012 article, “The First 1 Percent: Horses may be the source of humans’ oldest social stratifications”. Mycio is a horse owner, photos here.

Your favorite non-fiction book, horse or otherwise?

2 thoughts on “From the Shelves II

  1. That’s on my goodreads list! It’s the sort of book I think I need to read in real life though (so not an ebook or an audio book), so not sure when I will get to it.

    My favorite non-fiction is Hare with the Amber Eyes. Partly because I live in Vienna, and much of the book is set there. But also because it is such a poignant story, beautifully written. I even wrote a blog posting on it, as a book review. Unusual on my blog.

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