From the Shelves I

I’m off to a horse show, so I’m leaving you with friends both old and new. I tried to pick ones that I like but of which you might not have heard.

cov Stoneridge
A Horse of Your Own by M.A. Stoneridge [Doubleday 1963, 1968]

As you can tell by the cover, I have had this book for a long, long time. When I was a city brat, it was my talisman that one day I would have A Horse Of My Own.

cov Stoneridge interior 1
I used to look at this picture of a feed room and wonder what mine would look like. The answer is non-existent. Due to fire ants, we keep the feed in the house.

cov Stoneridge interior 4
OTOH, I looked at this picture and never predicted that I would one day ride at the National Horse Show in the side-saddle version of a Corinthian class.

Your favorite childhood book, horse or otherwise?

2 thoughts on “From the Shelves I

  1. Anything by Marguerite Henry. My parents made my childhood dreams come true by taking me to Pony Penning the year I was 13. The best thing about going at age 13 was that I already knew enough about horses to know I didn’t want one of the wild ponies, so I just enjoyed being there.

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