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As you may have read elsewhere on the site, this blog started as a column for the USEA. To quote myself:

The idea was to buy a new horse, ride, train, and return to Eventing after 20 years away. I would use that structure to commit Deep Thoughts on horses, the new face of Eventing, the fate of civilization, etc. [Where]

Sweet deal, no? When Rodey declined to be a competition horse, he not only torpedoed my riding career, he didn’t do my writing any favors either. Moving on.
Back to Eventing: How I Won the Training Level AEC
BTE: The Cast Assembles
BTE: The AEC, a Realization in Five Phases
BTE: New Horse Blues
BTE: Buying a Horse is Only the Beginning
BTE: Back to Square One
BTE: Getting to Know You
BTE: Spring Fitness
BTE: Forward Planning

In addition, I wrote a bimonthly book column for many years. The last year was online:
Book Reviews – Horse Trivia and Wofford’s Eventing Tips

Second Chance for Racehorses – Book & DVD Reviews
On The Bookshelf
On the Bookshelf – Life Among the Winners
Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
Book Sale Prizelist

Most of the other articles I wrote for them were pre-digital. One of my favorite series was going behind the scenes at Rolex. I’d pick a segment of the event, often small or obscure, and follow the folks around to find out about the enormous amount of work involved in fence decorating or running the victory presentation. Did you know it takes over 30 volunteers to organize and hand out all the prizes? In 2007, two competitors, Tiana Coudray and Kristin Bachman, were kind enough to allow me along on their weekend. One of them has the article on her website.
Tiana Coudray/News, “A Tale of Two Riders”, click on page image for PDF.

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