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Back when I had a writing career, I wrote for TheHorse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care. Since the audience was vets, barn managers, and similarly serious horse folks, the articles had to be in depth and current. I managed this by finding experts and listening to them talk about their work.

Fireproofing Older Barns, Apr 1, 2000
Prepurchase Exams: What Can They Tell You?, Jul 1, 2000
Girth Strap Tightness, Apr 1, 2001
Wildlife Disease: Contagious Critters, May 1, 2001
Common Barn Injuries, Sep 13, 2001
Posting The Guard, Sep 17, 2001
Airing Out Your Barn, Oct 18, 2001
Mosquito Patrol, Jul 1, 2002
Frangible Pins: Making Cross Country Jumps Safer, May 20, 2003
Feeding Horses With Laminitis, Aug 1, 2004
Buying Better Hay — Stacks of Decisions, Oct 1, 2004
Early Jump Training Unnecessary, with Stephanie Church, May 3, 2005
Safe and Healthful Stall Mats, Jun 1, 2007
Eradicating Pasture Erosion, May 1, 2008
Eliminating Ammonia, Dec 1, 2011

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