Decisions, Decisions

For my next show, I have been given the choice between Alvin [photo] and Lola [photo]. My other friends – Sam [video], Casey [video], Willie [photo] & Trump [photo] – will not be attending. Both horses are fun. Both horses would do well in the show ring. Because of the class schedule, Lola would be a more convenient choice. However, Instructor assures me that a quick tack change for Alvin would be no big deal. I was stumped.

So, I defaulted to my standard response these days, “I’ll make a blog post out of it.’ As I considered how to describe the two horses, I realized that the main difference was that I had shown Lola [Report] but never Alvin.

You lot are an adventuresome crowd. The last time I asked for help choosing which horse to show [Reply Hazy], you told me to go for the fireworks. Or so I thought. Upon later examination, the responses to that post were 50/50. I was conflating those comments with the comments to a post in which I wondered which classes to pick [Greed]. In that one, you unanimously told me to go for the gusto. Still, the overall trend is encouragement to try new things. Therefore, I imagined your response and picked Alvin.

All of which may change up to and on the day. We are talking about horses after all.

They say you can tell what answer you desire by who you ask for advice. So, thanks for the advice, even if it was in absentia.

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