Reply Hazy. Ask Again Later

Back in the day.
Back in the day.
Seems I don’t know who I will be riding this weekend: Sam or Willie.

At my last lesson, I rode both and the instructor gave me a choice of who to show. I’m torn. Willie is easier for me to get goin’. Although the class is judged on the rider, you always look better on a fancy-moving horse. Just as obedient foals always have better conformation in a halter class. Sam can look just as spiffy, but is harder to shift out of lesson-horse mode. If I chose him, I could leave him to trot about while I concentrate on my position.

On the other hand, what if I choose the flashy horse and we have a come-apart? What if I choose the reliable horse and we get lost in the crowd, or I work too hard to keep him going [Sorta]? Ultimately, I left it to my instructor to chose. She knows saddleseat, has experience with saddleseat judges, and can see what I look like on both horses.

I told her that if I lose, I will hold her responsible for picking the wrong horse.

Who would you choose as your dance partner?

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  1. if it were me, i would choose the horse that I don’t have to spend alot of effort controling so I can make good impression with the judge by concentrating on myself. the better horse is the one who can pretty much do it on his own so you can concentrat on your form and not have to multi task controling a horse and yourself at the same time.

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