Seeking Sam Specific Songs

Thanks to everyone for the psyche song suggestions. Looks like I will be riding Sam, aka Sultan’s Miracle Man, at the next show. Anyone got anything for him? Olivia Newton-John’s song of that name is a bit lyrical for a show tune. Not to mention a mite creepy to be singing to a horse. Really, Olivia, “The door is wide open …”? Kinda laying out there, aren’t you? Whenever I flung myself at guys, they tended to duck. But I digress.

Uptempo Sam songs. Bring ’em on.

3 thoughts on “Seeking Sam Specific Songs

  1. I had to laugh… I’m sitting in a hotel room, not too much to do so went searching to try and help you. The only ‘up tempo’ (or even close one), I could find is this. LOL!! And in a small way, it reminds me of a movie we saw in high school

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