All Aboard

Went over to the saddleseat barn yesterday morning to help load for the show. All horses climbed on the trailer like troopers, even the youngster who sometimes has trouble believing that he will fit into small spaces. Once, we stood for several minutes while he pondered how to squeeze himself through the doorway to the wash stall. He means well. He tries hard. It’s just that figuring things out is not his forte. Yeah, like Rodney.

Anyway, all the horses walked right up the ramp. Three of them had to turn around and back into the rear-facing stalls. Imagine having to load yourself butt first every time you wanted go for a drive. Then, consider stand in a rattling, drafty, tin can with a wodge of hay for entertainment and seatmates who are prone to biting if you get too close.

It’s a wonder horses get on a trailer the second time.

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