Normandie, Non

The horse world is preparing for the FEI Alltech Jeux Equestres Mondiaux 2014 in Normandy, August 23 to September 07, 2014. Of course I’ve thought about going, how can one not, but I’ll most likely be livestreaming from home.

Why does one attend the big events? The obvious reasons are to compete or to officiate. For us normal mortals, there are a variety of reasons, mostly of which mean I’m not going:

a) Getting Away. As currently constituted, our farm needs four hands. None of the work is hard, just endless. Without another person to share the load, the chores pile up like broomsticks conjured by the the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Slipping out for horse shows this spring has meant driving home late at night to minimize my time away. I’m happy to do so. I’ve even been able to sneak in an extra show. However, two+ weeks in France is just not happening.

b) Trip of a Lifetime. I’ve been fortunate attend three big equestrian happenings: two in my backyard (Atlanta 1996 & Kentucky 2010) and one abroad (Rome 1998). Of course I love to seen more, but I certainly won’t feel that my life has been deprived if I don’t.

c) Amusement. You would think I would be happy when surrounded by beautiful scenery, fabulous horses, and like-minded people. In truth, I make a terrible spectator. Sitting is not my forte. I need something to DO. At all three of the above, I both volunteered and wrote. Sadly, 16 days in France without gainful employment would be my idea of hell.

Therefore, until a media outlet dangles a press pass and lucrative assignment in front of me, I’m out of the high-end horse game. Who am I kidding, the assignment doesn’t even have to be lucrative. Just hand me a press pass and a license to ask questions. Otherwise, I’ll be at the barn burning up my data plan.

Are you going? Would you if you could?

One thought on “Normandie, Non

  1. Well, that answers that question. I would argue it’s highly unlikely I will go. While it is possible I will still be in Europe at that point, I’d say it’s not likely; the children are meant to be in school in the US for the 2014/2015 school year, so I’d have to be in France while they were starting new schools. Not happening. That said, if for some bizarre reason were were to spend an extra extra year here, well, I’d drive over.

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