On Your Mark. Get Set. Go.

Jump crew springs into action.
Over the weekend, Stepping Stone Farm held a games night. Hubby and I went over to corral stray kids & horses.

My last mounted games competition was at college during the riding team’s end-of-term party. Our coach made a point of saving the eggs for the egg-and-spoon race for weeks, making sure you really did not want to drop those eggs. In one race, we had to run down, dismount, eat a cracker and whistle. A good trick, since I can’t whistle in the first place. For another race, my team need a fourth member at the last minute, so I was thrown on one of the ponies. I remember not bothering with the stirrups, just leaning over the poor pony’s neck and growling in his ear. We flew.

Musical chairs was done with grain bags. Riders had to dismount and stand on a bag. Of course, with all the running and screaming and being up so far past their bedtimes, the school horses were completely wired. They were having nothing to do with those crinkly sacks. Picture horses backing all over the ring, towing dismounted riders by the reins. This made the audience laugh harder, creating more noise to bounce off the roof and walls of the indoors. The culmination of musical chairs came one of the guys launched from his horse headfirst onto the remaining sack.

Yes, we had guys on our team. I’m all for Title 9. Just not for riding teams. Making riding a ‘girls’ sport shoves it further in the pink ghetto and makes it that much harder for young men to stay with it. Helping one group should not come at the expense of another.

This weekend much less exciting. That’s what happens when you have younger kids and a coach who is concerned for safety rather than entertainment. The most amusing aspect was the oh-so-proper Saddlebreds being asked to run across the ring or to pole bend. Excuse moi? One old campaigner announced that this was so not in her contract.

USPC Celebrity Games at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event.
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Your games memories?
Gratuitous Kitten Pic

Lap Cat

Down vest in corner of photo may explain the sudden excess of kitten friendliness.

5 thoughts on “On Your Mark. Get Set. Go.

  1. agree with Ellen – watching games classes (and especially team classes) is a lot of fun. Watching some of the best eventers in the world on games ponies (I believe it was entertainment during the Prince Phillip Cup games challenge) was side-splittingly funny.

  2. I completely agree with the changing times … safety has become an over riding concern. My mother would send all 5 of us kids to the barn and her only concern was that we had real shoes on. (no bare feet allowed). Now, as a grandmother teaching her grand daughters to ride, she has a slew of rules and collection of helmets. I agree that the kids need to be safe, but let some proverbial hair down and use the feed sacks as bases!

    I found your blog from BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo, and am bookmarking your site, I’ll be back!

    1. My first NBPM response, that I know of. Welcome. You have been FTed, see header.

      I don’t have kids but modern childrearing seems to favor theory & lessons over goofing around & sorting things out on one’s own. Not just riding, but soccer, peewee football, etc. The goof around times are where one really learns to sit a horse, and I assume kick a soccer ball, etc.

      1. Helmets yes. No exceptions. Anything else? Optional – that’s the way you learn how to ride! Learned all sorts of things about balance riding ponies without a girth … jumping bareback … playing broomstick polo … trail riding …

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